KOMBI-Mix 8000

The strengthen of our KOMBI-Mix at a glance:

  • construction size 8, 10, 12 m³
  • all wetted parts are made of stainless steel
  • basic facilities with a dosing-sword 
  • with screw technology
  • conveying capacity about 8 m³/h


 Specialized for plants up to 150 kW

We offer complete dosing systems for biogas plants from one source.

Solid substrates such as whole plant silage, grass silage, solid manure and poultry droppings are stockpiled, processed and fed into in the fermenter or downstream equipment such as crash units and liquide feeding systems are provided by our screw technology.


Our plants are characterized by a well balanced price-performance and are therefore interesting for small biogas plants from 75kW up to 150 kW. The unit is built using only stainless steel therefor a long lasting working life is guaranteed. Green waste, grass silage and solid manure can be processed easily. The KOMBI-Mix Dosing Unit has been designed for feeding biogas plants, which require up to 10m³ of biomass per day.


KOMBI-Mix Dosing Blade

The KOMBI-Mix has dosing and mixing screws equipped with blades. The screw feeder prepares the material until the screw conveyor technology can process them easily. The clearing bar with plastic slider bearings rotates to prevent bridge formation above the screw outfeed. The screw speed is 4-6 rpm. A conditional mixing process in the lower sector of the mixing area is possible at this speed. Differently sized mixing screws can be selected depending on the substrate.


The drive operates with robust geared motors with subsequent cardan shaft and planetary mitre gear. A shear pin clutch is integrated in the powertrain as safeguard. The speed can be increased with a frequency converter for a stronger mixing process. The consistency of the added material has a decisive influence on the duration of the mixing process. An optimal operation is guaranteed for chopped regenerative raw materials.

Vertical Mixing Screw

For processing difficult substrates such as whole plant silage, grass silage, solid manure and poultry droppings the vertical mixing screw is used in stainless steel as standard. The mixing screw can be fitted with stainless steel cutting blades. The processed substrate is passed through a base frame screw to fed it directly into the fermenter or to subsequent crushing technology.

A constant flow rate is guaranteed.

Weighing System

For an accurate control of the loading capacity we focus on shearing force or pressure sensors. Different display units, optionally coupled with a well-readable, alphanumeric display with double-row LEDs, provide high usability and a simple programming of the optimal dosage quantities. For the further processing of the data both analog signal outputs as well as Profibus interfaces can be be provided.

The facilities can be delivered plug-in ready with a complete electric control. Only the main feed line must still be connected on site. A rapid plant installation is thus guaranteed.

We feed biomass to the fermenter along many various paths. We have screws with delivery rate up to 23 m3 / h in the program, but can also offer solutions for every individual requirement.

On demand, our dosers can also be combined with other input systems.


dosing and mixing screw

dosing and mixing screw

Handover to liquide feeding system

Handover to liquide feeding system

Solid Dosing Unit

Solid Dosing Unit

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